The New Orleans Mission Presents
D   E   S   P   E   R   A   T   E        R   E   A   L   I   T   Y
Are you ready to face the truth?
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Step inside the world of Desperate Reality with Johnny L who offers hope to people who may find themselves in desperate situations and often without the ability of turning their lives around on their own. This riveting radio revelation is unlike any other and gives listeners the opportunity to get immediate help. Together with the staff and disciples of both the New Orleans Mission and the Giving Hope Retreat, in cooperation with the church and missions across the country and the local community, we are prepared to assist people willing to change their life. Desperate Reality takes intervention to the next level by giving a lifeline to anyone who has lost their way and ready to face the truth.
R E S C U E            R E C O V E R Y            R E - E N G A G E M E N T
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10pm - Midnight
Live Rescue from the Streets of New Orleans
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